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Lotus Henna

Henna Aftercare Balm (15g)

Henna Aftercare Balm (15g)

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Vegan Henna Rose Aftercare Balm (15g)

Besides it's protective function of the Henna Design, our Vegan Henna Aftercare Balm cares for your skin with lots of nourishing organic supplies at the same time and ensures a long-lasting and beautiful Henna Design. The Candelila Wax is a vegan alternative to bees wax and makes the stain even darker thanks to the water-repellent layer*.

100% natural (partly organic) and vegan ingredients:

- Candellila wax
- Organic refined Sheabutter
- Organic Cocobutter
- Jojoba oil
- Geranium essential oil

Apply while and after removing the Henna paste and apply afterwards daily once or twice.

*: Regarding the prayer ablution: The Balm absorbs completely into the skin after an hour, therefore the prayer ablution should be done after that waiting time.

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