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Lotus Henna

Mefix Tape (1m x 10cm)

Mefix Tape (1m x 10cm)

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Mefix cover tape (1m x 10cm)

The Mefix masking tape is a woven adhesive that can be used to cover dried henna. The Mefix band allows you more freedom of movement after henna application. Perfect for wrapping the henna design before bed to achieve the best possible color result and avoid stains on bed linen.

• Comes with pre-marked protective paper for easier measuring and cutting
• Skin-friendly, solvent-free, water-based adhesive
• Latex free
• soft, flexible and breathable


• It should only be used once the henna  is 100 % dry !
Do not use for Jagua designs , instead buy a tattoo cover film from the pharmacy
Do not use in combination with the sealing spray, the Mefix tape is an alternative to the traditional sealing spray method
• The adhesive tape must not get wet due to water or overheated body temperature so that the henna underneath does not smear (especially on the palms of the hands).
• Can be easily peeled off when removing or used to loosen stubborn areas using oil

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