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Lotus Henna

Jagua Gel Cone (10g)

Jagua Gel Cone (10g)

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Jagua Gel - The perfect alternative for Black ,,Henna“!

With a deep blue-black color, the Jagua Gel is perfect for those who want to resemble a real tattoo and like something that stands out.

Minimum waiting time is 2 hours, but at best you should let it rest overnight with a protective tattoo film. The color matures within 24-72 hours and lasts up to 1-4 weeks with good aftercare, for example moisturizing with Coconut Oil daily.

Unlike Henna, Jagua is made from a fruit that grows on a Jagua Fruit Tree in South America and processed into Jagua Gel.

Tip: Buy a protective tattoo film from the pharmacy so that you can protect your dried Jagua tattoo from accidents. The Jagua stains extremely quickly on the skin.

Tip size: 0.38mm

-100% organic Jagua Juice won out of the Genipa Americana fruit directly from Peru
- Xanthan Gum
- 100% natural Lavender Oil (Lavandula Angustifolia)
- Distilled Water

Not suitable for Kids under 3 and pregnant ladies

100% natural


In the Refrigerator the Jagua Cone stays up to 3 months fresh (in contrast to the Henna Cones, the Jagua Cones are getting watery if you always thaw them and freeze them back in)

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